February 26, 2008

Vaginal Hysterectomy for Ovarian Cysts, & Fiboids

Posted in Category : Women's Health

If you experience constant discomfort and pains during your menstrual cycle in your uterus then you could be suffering from fibroids or ovarian cysts. Therefore, to get rid of such pain, vaginal hysterectomy is a right alternative.

By undergoing to this surgery, faces relatively less discomfort than that experienced during an abdominal hysterectomy. Moreover, incisions made in this procedure are quite small reducing the recovery time of the patient to a great extent.

During vaginal hysterectomy, the surgeon makes contact with the uterus by making a spherical incision just about the cervix. These incisions are less complicated in the situation when the uterus is not too large in shape. This approach is best to deal with uterine prolapse.

This surgery does not cause any kind of external pockmarks. The patient gets recovered quickly because she does not need to wait for lengthy abdominal incision to heal. There is a very less scope for surgeon to maneuver and view the pelvic organs.

By undergoing vaginal hysterectomy that is assisted by laparoscopy, your surgeon can inspect the condition of the pelvis in order to remove your uterus through the vagina or else he/she can be call for an outsized abdominal incision.

In the Vaginal hysterectomy, the surgeon creates a minute incision next to your navel to place in a thin device, which is called as laparoscope. This thin device lets the surgical team to observe within your abdominal region. By utilizing the minute incisions, your surgeon uses some particular surgical instruments are used by the surgeon to separate the uterus and remove it through your vagina.