I am having lot of pain due to ovarian cysts but it turns out that I am backed up with stool and possibly this has something to do with my gall bladder. With all the pressure, could this be the reason for all my pain and is this serious?

Ovarian cysts are seen to occur in the ovaries of a woman. Bleeding and pain are seen at times, though harmless. Surgery is done in extreme cases. They can be cancerous or non cancerous cyst. Dermoid cyst, corpus luteum cyst, follicular cyst, polycystic appearing ovary, endometrioid cysts and hemorrhagic cyst are non cancerous varieties. Pain killers, namely non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs are recommended. Strenuous activity or exercise is avoided. Harmful cysts that are in abnormal sizes are surgically removed. The growth of the cyst is analyzed occasionally by endovaginal ultrasound or ultrasonic observation. Cysts are prevented by birth control pills. They help in regulating the menstrual cycle, thereby reducing the size of the cyst and its formation from the follicles. Research is underway regarding the prevention of ovarian cysts. The kind of cyst determines the follow-up. Fatty foods are avoided. The gall bladder fails to hurt your cyst. Refer a physician for further guidance.

answered by Dr C

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