March 28, 2008

Over the Counter & Prescription Treatments for Ringworms

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Ringworm is very common and luckily, as unsightly as it may be, it is fairly easy to treat. If you find yourself with a case of ringworm, you may not even need to go to the doctor, unless you cannot treat it yourself, or you are unsure whether or not it is actually ringworm. Here is how to treat your ringworm. When considering what is a ringworm or a ringworm rash one should remember that it is a the collective name for the different organisms of fungi that cause a ringworm infection is dermatophytes. These organisms can affect various body parts like the nails, feet, and the scalp. The kind of fungus that causes ringworm in the scalp resides on animals and humans, and the ones which cause the body to get affected with ringworm also live in the soil, apart from animals and humans. The fungus that causes a ringworm infection on the nails and feet lives only on humans.

Some of the symptoms of a ringworm infection include scaly, raised, itchy, and red patches that may ooze and blister. The patches usually have edges that are defined sharply. Most often they appear redder on the outside with skin tone that is normal in the center. This may give a ring-like appearance. The appearance of the skin may also be unusually light or dark. When there is the infection of the scalp or beard there will be bald patches, and if there is an infection of the nails, they will become thick and discolored. To see what a ringworm rash looks like, you could check the Internet for pictures.

Over the Counter Treatments:

If you have ringworm and you know for certain that it is in fact ringworm, then there are many over the counter treatments that you can use. Because ringworm is caused by a fungus on the skin, then antifungal products work quite well. Topical solutions that you can try include clotrimazole (found in Lotrimin cream and sprays), miconazole and terbinafine. When you opt for over the counter treatments, you will want to follow the directions carefully and make sure you apply it to your skin as directed. In addition, it will clear up faster if you make sure that your skin is clean, dry and medicated. This is a contagious infection, so make sure you do not spread your infection to others by washing clothes and sheets frequently. You will need to treat the area for about four weeks.

Tinea capitis or scalp ringworm is an infection of the scalp that can bring about bald patches along with itching and redness. This is quite common with children between the age groups of 4 and 14, but it can also occur with adults. The causes of ringworm infections on the scalp are mostly related to the fungus dermatophytes. This kind of ringworm may extend the healing period to more than 10 weeks. Treatment of ringworm on the scalp includes oral medication that is recommended and terbinafine hydrochloride, an oral granule medication that you can sprinkle on the food. There are also available some medications that you can apply directly to your head. However, their effectiveness is not as considerable as they may not penetrate the hair or scalp.

There are many methods on how to treat a ringworm infection on humans at home and naturally. A natural way to treat ringworm is with papaya. You need to slice some pieces of papaya and put them onto the patches of the ringworm infection. You could also prepare a mixture of papaya seeds that are raw and put them onto the patches. Other effective home remedies for ringworm infections include applying a mixture of a paste of butea seeds and some lime juice onto the affected skin. Holy basil has been used in different forms of treatment, including ringworm infection. To use this method on how to treat ringworm infections, all you need to do is to apply the juice of the basil leaves onto the patches. Turmeric is also a good ingredient you could use. Pick up some raw turmeric and get the juice out so that you can apply it to the area that is infected.

Making the immune system strong is best defense in preventing a ringworm infection. Having a strong immune system will also enable a speedy recovery during times of illness. It is also important that you consume more greens and dark-skinned fruits. Whole grains and fruits should also be part of a healthy diet. It is important that you not only know how to treat a ringworm infection but are also aware on how to prevent it from spreading. It is hard to avoid coming into contact with people all the time. Therefore, you should cover the infected area with a sterile bandage or some type of cloth when in the company of other people. Try to avoid coming in contact with large groups of people like at a swimming pool. Taking these steps will prevent the spreading of the illness to others.

Prescription Treatments:

If you find that you have a stubborn case of ringworm and the over the counter medication just won’t clear it up, then you may need to see your doctor. There are oral pills and prescription strength antifungal ointments and creams that work quickly and effectively. Severe cases may require a round of antibiotics. Your doctor will still recommend that you follow the same precautions, as not to spread the infection to others.

Ringworm is very common and luckily, there are treatment options that can help you. Both over the counter and prescription medications can treat your ringworm effectively.