I would like to know how to treat mucus, hacking coughing, and choking on it. Over the counter meds dont work and dont want to take prescription drugs

Cough is generally accompanied by chest congestion, irritation of the throat and phlegm accumulation in the chest. Cough can be an accompanying factor in the case of conditions such as tuberculosis or cardiac failure. A mixture of a tablespoon of honey and cider vinegar with quarter teaspoon of ground ginger and pepper in 2 tablespoon of water provides great relief from cough. Dry ginger decoction or herbal tea helps in providing relief from chest congestion. Capsaicin in cayenne pepper is effective against cold. Turmeric powder is an antiseptic and when given with hot milk provides immediate relief. Drinking it twice a day especially before retiring to bed is an effective remedy. Equal proportion of honey and ginger powder proves beneficial. A hot bath is effective especially breathing in the warm air during a bath is helpful. Antihistamine helps in relieving cough caused due to allergies, such as settled dust, pollen and so on. Gargling with warm water and common salt is an effective remedy. Steam inhalation twice a day helps. Drugs in the form of inhalers are effective, when taken under the guidance of a pulmonologist.

answered by Dr C

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