March 31, 2008

Sex during Pregnancy Risks

Posted in Category : Women's Health

Although sex during pregnancy is considered to be safe, in certain circumstances you should abstain from sex. If there is a high risk for complications then you should desist from sex. If you are suffering from the conditions such as Placenta precvia then you should avoid sex. Abnormally located placenta should avoid sex. If there is unexplained vaginal bleeding or abdominal cramping then also you should abstain from sex. If you have a dilated cervix or cervical insufficiency during pregnancy then sex may increase the complications and may hurt your baby.

When your partner has an eruption of genial herpes then you should abstain from sexual intercourse during pregnancy. Oral sex should also be avoided if your partner has cold sores. If you or your partners are suffering from any sexually transmitted infections then avoiding sex would be the best option. AIDS, Gonorrhea, Genital herpes, Chlamydia are some of the common sexually transmitted infections. Having sex under such circumstances may lead to miscarriage, uterine infection and preterm birth. Normal pregnancy may not be possible. Ecotopic pregnancy is another possibility which may leave you infertile or damage the baby. See to it that you have appropriate treatment.
If you are pregnant and you experience any pain during pregnancy then you must inform the doctor. If you are not comfortable having sex during pregnancy then you must refrain from a sexual intercourse. Complications during pregnancy are painful and frightening

Most women are not interested in sex during pregnancy. Tender breasts, raging hormones, exhaustion may weaken your sex drive. If you and your partner are healthy then there is no harm in sex during pregnancy.

You may find sex uncomfortable or difficult as your pregnancy period progresses. If there are any signs of complications during pregnancy then you must limit your sex.