The food products which should be avoided during first 1-3 months of pregnancy,which might coz abortion.

I suggest all types of food in pregnancy. Eat well, eat fresh, hygienic food. Eat lots of vegetables, fruits, grains, green vegetables, milk and drink water in moderate form. Always have home made hot food. Be stress free. Be happy. Read good books, see good pictures. Avoid horrible pictures, books. It’s harmful for your baby. Exercise is also very helpful. Do Pranayam for healthy baby. Walking is also good exercise in pregnancy. But do not go for heavy exercise, brisk walking. It will harm your baby.

Remember not to take outside food products, dairy products. Avoid meat, poultry products, alcohol, excess coffee, fish with high level of mercury, smoked or refrigerated seafood, shellfish, raw eggs, papaya, unpasteurized milk, soft cheese, unwashed fruits & vegetables.
All the months of pregnancy are important. But precautions are to be taken in first to third month for avoiding miscarriage. For that besides above mentioned things totally avoid heavy work, food having hot character like eggs, papaya, spicy food, excess mango, meat and poultry products. Avoiding alcohol and smoking is more advisable.

For 1-3 months you may feel nausea, vomiting. Do not get panic. It is very normal. Attend your gynecologist periodically for checkup.
Have a pleasant pregnancy.

answered by R S

Diet in pregnancy -

The food products to be avoided during 1-3 months of pregnancy:-

1. Laxative and purgative stuff, such as castor oil, prunes, dates, papayas.

2. Heat generating foods like - fish, beef, ham etc and dry fruits including pine seeds, pistachios, cashew nuts.

3. All aerated drinks and alcoholic drinks should be avoided.


answered by D M K

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