October 29, 2009

Physical Sign And Symptoms of Pregnancy

Posted in Category : Women's Health

A woman gets pregnant usually after having unprotected sexual intercourse. Unprotected sex would indicate having sex without the use of a contraceptive, such as a condom. A pregnancy is caused when the male sperm is released into the vagina. This happens when the male ejaculates, while the penis is still inserted in the vagina, leading to the release of semen within it. Millions of sperm cells are present in the male sperm. When released into the vagina, these tiny cells then swim up the vagina, into the uterus to finally reach the fallopian tubes. Once they reach the fallopian tubes a singe sperm cell may then join with the female egg, which has been released from either one of her ovaries. If this act of conception, fertilization or joining is successful then the woman will become pregnant.

If the menstrual cycle that follows this act of unprotected sex is abnormal then it could be an indication of a pregnancy. You could either skip your period totally or they may mild bleeding or spotting that occurs at the time that your period is expected. You could also encounter something known as implantation spotting. This is a mild staining of brown or pink and is usually accompanied with some cramping. This happens on account of the egg burrowing within the endometrial lining. The possibility of getting pregnant from unprotected sex will vary from one woman to another. It will also, to a very large extent, depend on a woman’s menstrual cycle. If you have sex during ovulation (the time the egg is released) the possibility of getting pregnant is the highest.

However irregular, abnormal or skipped periods can also happen due to excessive stress, such as worrying about a pregnancy. This can cause the stress hormones to go up, which in turn will affect the menstrual cycle. The first symptom of pregnancy is generally the skipping of one’s period. Apart from this, other indications of pregnancy may include nausea, tender breasts and tiredness. However, not everyone may experience these symptoms. The most prudent thing to do would be to get a home pregnancy test to prevent any delay. These are easily available at a chemist’s store, grocery store or any other retail outlet. If you choose to go in for a home pregnancy test it is also important to get the results confirmed by a healthcare professional or your doctor. This is because the test may not always be accurate.