August 31, 2010

Natural Home Remedies For Itchy Dry Skin Between Legs

Posted in Category : Natural Cures

An itch is a type of sensation that occurs throughout the human body. It is the response of the body either to a condition where the skin is dry or undernourished or when the skin is in contact with a substance that is causing some sort of reaction to occur. This reaction could be allergic or related to an infection that might have occurred. Skin infections tend to manifest themselves with various forms of rashes and skin symptoms that are almost always accompanied by a sensation of itching.

Itchy dry legs are usually a symptom of poor skin health and poor skin care. The skin requires proper hydration for it to appear well. This hydration can be achieved by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Many people who suffer from dry skin are responsible for their own condition because they do not take adequate care to hydrate themselves. Dry skin can also be caused by extremely low environmental humidity. This tends to dry the skin out and cause itching. The remedy for this condition is to apply a moisturizing product to the affected area as long as the skin has not been cut or slit in any way. Itchy lower legs are usually a result of poor skin hydration but can be associated with the type of footwear or socks being used by an individual. When a person feels itchy between the legs, it may be a symptom of poor hygiene, the wrong clothing, or of an infection that has occurred. Often dry skin between the legs is a result of extreme heat which is experienced during hot summer months. The area between the legs tends not to be ventilated properly and this can cause prickly heat problems.

When suffering from itchy skin on legs, one should take precautions regarding the type of soap that is used. Many soap brands tend to excessively dry the skin when they seek to remove the oily layer on top of the skin. This causes moisture retention problems and the skin appears dry and flaky and also itches. A moisturizing or moisture neutral soap is always recommended for such problems. Another less common remedy for itchy skin on the legs is to use a massage technique to stimulate the skin. By practicing regular leg massages, one stimulates blood flow in the area. This helps to nourish the skin and also helps to remove some of the toxins from the skin. The result is healthier, happier skin.