My husband had an open heart surgery and now takes blood thinners. He suffers from painful legs and itchy skin that is blue/purple. Please suggest some remedy for this?

I have many questions to ask you first,

Is your husband a diabetic,

when did he have heart surgery.

What "thinners is he on"

Have you spoken to the Health Care Provider that is dealing with your husbands case.

Have you spoken to the surgeon that did the surgery or the Cardiologist.

These are important questions and you need to urgently see your doctor that is dealing with your husband.

I can go into great detatil as to why your husbands has these conditions, but i doubt that it will be of any practical use.

Please May i urge you to seek medical advice of a doctor that is able to (physically) see your husband and take care of the condition.

Thanks and Hope that your husband gets better soon


Dr Faruki

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