February 17, 2009

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Genital Warts

Posted in Category : Men's Health

If you are male, you need to be aware that what sometime may appear as a wart on your genitals, are actually they way they are shaped! You need to figure out if these eruptions have appeared recently or they have been around for a while. If they are not recent, then you can get them medically examined by a doctor and determine exactly what they are. You have not provided any descriptions to be precise about it. There are possibilities that they may also be something other than warts. All you would have to do is get this determined, and then you can go about treating your warts quite easily and effectively. Since the genitals are a sensitive area, you need to be particularly careful what remedy you use for this area. For all applicable remedial measures, please do a patch test before you begin. This means you should apply the remedy you want to apply on your wart to the inner part of your elbow or wrist before you use it on your genitals. Wait for a full day before you determine any results. It is possible that your skin may erupt in rashes within a day and this should be detrimental enough for you to not use these methods for your genitals.

At this stage, your best bet would also be to use homeopathic treatment to get rid of warts for good. All the topical application methods suggested here will definitely work to make your warts fall off. But none of them can guarantee that the same warts will not reappear. Homeopathic treatment is the only kind that provides a guarantee about the warts not appearing again. However, these can sometimes take months to show positive results. Make sure you consult a good doctor to begin with. You should be given treatment in accordance with your body type for permanent and excellent results. To get rid of them within a week or so, you can start applying castor oil to the warts. After they are completely covered with the oil, you can apply bandages to them to keep the oil from getting rubbed off. This way, your warts should go away within a week or two. You can also try to apply a mixture of white chalk powder and water to your warts. This will also help to erode your warts quite effectively. Just keep in mind that these methods may also be slightly painful.