I have two genital warts how do I get rid of them naturally?

The first thing you need to do is get a medical examination to actually determine that what you have are actually warts. It is highly likely that the bumps you describe as warts are sebaceous glands of hair follicles on the scrotum. If this is the case, they are normal and harmless, and should be left alone. It is possible that you could actually see hair growing out of them if you look closely. The other thing that you must keep in mind before you commence with treatment of any kind is that skin in that area is quite different in appearance and texture from the skin on the rest of the body. It is often bumpy and uneven. If these are the kind of bumps are numerous, tiny, and don't change over time, then they probably represent normal penile skin.

If the bumps are pronounced and growing, then they would represent warts. One way to get rid of warts is to apply a generous amount of castor oil to them every night. This is an extremely slow process, and could even take as long as a year to take effect. If you can get it, you can also apply raw fig juice to your warts. Let it dry and then wash off. There are certain kinds of warts that can disappear if scrubbed regularly with freshly cut onions or potatoes.

answered by M W

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