November 13, 2009

Natural Home Remedies for Infertility Problem

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Natural Remedy for Infertility

There has been an increase in fertility problems lately and many couples are finding it difficult to conceive. As such more and more people are resorting to fertility treatments to help start a family. The causes for these fertility problems could be ovulatory conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome, blockage in the fallopian tubes, endometriosis and male-related problems. Sometimes the cause of poor fertility may remain unknown even after medical investigations. Fertility treatment can be quite expensive and most couples would be reluctant to go in for these. There are many factors that affect fertility such as exercise, diet and general health of the individual.

In order to enhance fertility, you must first be able to determine the time at which you are most fertile. Couples sometimes have trouble in conceiving because sexual intercourse takes place at the wrong times, when the woman is not going through ovulation. Making note of your fertility periods will be very helpful in conception. The way to do this is to monitor your basal body temperature, as when you ovulate, your basal body temperature will rise. Sexual intercourse needs to take place just before the release of an egg. You can also monitor the cervical mucus, which tends to take on a stringy consistency during ovulation. As such you can maintain a fertility calendar which will tell you when you are ovulating. You can then accordingly engage in sexual intercourse to maximize the possibilities of conception.

The reproductive system needs nourishment and this can only be obtained from a healthy and balanced diet. The body must achieve a healthy weight as this influences fertility. Underweight or overweight women are known to face problems in conceiving as the level of fat in the body has an effect on the sex hormones. Include antioxidants and vitamin C in the diet. These help in the proper functioning of the reproductive system. Zinc is known to influence semen and testosterone levels in men. Male fertility is also enhanced through intake of vitamin D and calcium. Alcohol hampers fertility to a large extent in men and women. Caffeine can also restrict fertility and hence must be avoided. Exercise, when coupled with proper diet, is very effective in boosting fertility. Mild aerobic exercises such as cycling, walking or swimming can be performed.

Herbal remedies for fertility are also available and many have experienced benefit from these. You need to consult a professional in the field who can prescribe the right course of herbal treatment for you. The herb chasteberry is known to promote fertility as it stimulates the pituitary gland which produces the sex hormones, estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. Chasteberry aids in maintaining the proper balance of these sex hormones. The Chinese herb, dong quai is a popular remedy for menstrual problems. It also helps in the regulation of estrogen levels in the body, thereby enhancing fertility.