February 25, 2010

Male Infertility Problem Causes & Treatment

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Infertility in both sexes is astonishingly common. However, there are a number of infertility misconceptions where couples automatically assume that one or the other is infertile. Some couples give up hope and deem themselves to be infertile after a mere few months of trying. Usually, infertility is deemed to be the problem only after a full year of trying to conceive. It is important to gather more information about possible infertility before attempting to resort to infertility cures. While it is common to blame infertility on one particular sex, the truth is that either one or both could have lower fertility. If your fertility doctor suggests testing the male partner first, bear in mind that this is because, with the male reproductive system, it is a lot simpler to figure out where the fertility problem lies. When it comes to diagnosing female infertility problems, things can get a lot more complicated, and it could be trickier to pinpoint what could be the problem. For men, infertility could be attributable to a number of causes including one of the most common problems faced by women – age. Exercise and weight are two other factors which could impact fertility. Smokers also face fertility issues whether it is tobacco or drug use. Some of the primary factors leading to infertility in men are insufficient sperm count, problems with the man’s semen and slow moving sperm.

Treatment for Male Infertility and Acupuncture

Usually, a lot of couples will find that counseling can help when trying to conceive. This also helps clear misunderstandings with regards to infertility and can help improve chances of conceiving. Couples could try simple steps like stepping up the number of times they make love. It could improve the chances if the couple attempt this every other day. However, the danger here is of making the act a routine chore. This is counterproductive and can lead to frustration, hurt and bickering. Couples should treat infertility as a chance to grow closer and be each other’s support system. As a male, remember that loose clothing and innerwear can help. Diet modification along with shedding those extra pounds can boost your chances of getting pregnant. While acupuncture has been used to treat male infertility problems, remember that it is still an alternative form of treatment. Be warned that there are a large variety of dubious infertility cures going around, including some rather exotic ones. One has to exercise both restraint and commonsense when researching treatments for any kind of fertility problem.