February 11, 2010

Heavy Metal Poisoning Or Toxicity

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Heavy metal poisoning, or heavy metal toxicity, is a condition that arises when a person has consumed large quantities of “heavy metals” such as aluminum, iron, manganese, beryllium and, most commonly, mercury. While some individuals that are affected may not experience any major problems, it may cause a significant amount of health problems in others. It is not uncommon for some of the milder cases of heavy metal poisoning to be misdiagnosed as an incurable chronic condition. While some people may decide that the best way to avoid heavy metal poisoning would be to completely exile your body from any metal substance, this may not be the most thought through idea given that metals make up such a huge part of almost any machine or object created today. The body is also well equipped to excrete toxic heavy metals, but those individuals that suffer from some type of chronic conditions may be prone to a buildup of metals in the body. The condition, in its more serious variant, can be of grave concern, especially considering that metals have the capability to either directly or indirectly damage a person’s DNA – thereby increasing the likelihood of the individual contracting cancer. After the metals accumulate, they will disrupt the functions of vital organs such as the heart, brain, kidney and liver. They then start to displace vital nutritional minerals causing some biochemical reactions within the body to take place.

Common Symptoms

The symptoms experienced will vary depending largely on the quantity of heavy metal substance ingested. Some of the more common symptoms include stomach pain, headache, diarrhea and sweating. The complications arising out of heavy metal poisoning will depend largely on the kind of metal present. A build up of aluminum can lead to problems like Alzheimer’s, constipation, peptic ulcer and a number of neuromuscular disorders. Since mercury is widely used in objects like air conditioner filters, body powders and antiseptics, there is a high chance of suffering from a build up this material. Mercury build up can lead to problems like brain damage, alopecia and anxiety amongst others.


The most effective and widely used treatment for heavy metal poisoning is Chelation therapy. When applied, these agents will bind with the metal in the tissues of the body to form a complex that is then released from the tissues in the blood stream, strained into the blood by the kidneys and then excreted out of the body through urination.