October 12, 2010

Information On Fibroadenoma Treatment, Removal and Surgery

Posted in Category : Women's Health

The breasts are prominent characteristics of the adult female body. During puberty, the breasts begin to form and take shape. Breasts are one of the defining physical characteristics of an adult woman. The function of breasts is to provide milk to the young baby that has been born from the woman’s womb. For this reason, breasts are made up of fatty tissue and milk glands. The nipples on each breast are used to deliver milk to the baby. A woman’s breasts are also associated with sexual arousal and are an important part of the body when one considers sexual situations.

Breast cancer is a common form of cancer that affects women. Breast cancer is relatively easy to detect because it can be felt when examining the breasts manually. Most women are encouraged to perform self examinations once every six months so that abnormal masses can be detected. Some abnormal masses may be cancerous while others may be benign and harmless. A fibroadenoma is a type of harmless mass that forms in the breasts of a woman.

Fibroadenoma lumps are characterized by their rubbery texture. The lumps are also freely moveable within the breasts, indicating that they are not connected to blood supply. However, the presence of fibroadenoma lumps is only properly diagnosed when a thorough breast examination is performed. Fibroadenoma treatment may be carried out only after proper diagnosis. This examination will include a mammogram and also a biopsy procedure. Biopsy procedures are used to collect samples of tissue from parts of the body where an abnormal mass has been detected. This sample from the abnormal mass is examined in a laboratory where it is determined if the mass is cancerous or benign. Women under the age of 30 who experience breast tumors are most likely to develop fibroadenoma lumps.

Whether or not you would require fibroadenoma treatment would be decided by your doctor. Most doctors consider a fibroadenoma lump to be harmless. This means that the lump is left in place unless the woman or the doctor wishes to have it removed for some reason. If a woman has several lumps, this may cause discomfort and may also affect the shape of the breast. The woman may seek to have a fibroadenoma removal procedure or a fibroadenoma surgery conducted. Lumps that are not removed are monitored throughout the life of the woman to ensure that they are consistent. It is possible for a woman who has fibroadenoma lumps to also develop tumor lumps later in life and thus sometimes doctors prefer fibroadenoma treatment as soon as the lumps are felt. A proper and regular screening process must be done in order to ensure that there is no cancerous tumor developing at any time.