May 22, 2008

Disease Information for Awareness & Support – Arthritis Foundation

Posted in Category : Bone, Joint & Muscles Disorders

Arthritis foundation is non-profit making private foundation, which exclusively deals with research and development of different treatment options for arthritis. It was found in the year 1948 and since then it has been involved in the number of tasks that are aimed at creating awareness about arthritis, funding the treatment and conducting researches related to arthritis.

Creating awareness about arthritis in the common people and providing guidance to the patients are among the important activities done by arthritis foundation.

Arthritis foundation provides information right from the basics of arthritis. Such information is very useful for common people. This information includes the things that can help in preventing arthritis if the patient follows them. In addition, as it is very important to diagnose and cure arthritis as early as possible, this information is very useful for the patient to detect it.

Moreover, the arthritis foundation also provides information about the treatment options available. Most of the times, patients do not know what he should do. Therefore, such information will be helpful to the patients while deciding which of treatment they should opt for. As arthritis foundation is not a profit making organization the information that it provides is very genuine. It contains everything i.e. the advantages and risks complications etc associated with the treatment options.

Arthritis foundation also provides the information about all the latest developments in the field of arthritis. Therefore, the doctors here know about all the latest techniques and knowledge about arthritis, which they can use in the treatment of their patients.

Arthritis foundation uses several mediums for providing the disease information. The most useful among them is its website. The website of arthritis foundation is one of the largest storehouses of information about arthritis. In addition to this, it also publishes magazines articles in newspapers or other magazines etc. the magazines which it publishes are subsidized and therefore they are available cheaply. Moreover, it also conducts some public events as seminars, etc, through which they educate people about arthritis.

Apart from information about the arthritis, arthritis foundation also provides support to the patients in terms of funds. Arthritis foundation provides funds to needy people. Moreover, it also funds the production of medications required for the treatment of arthritis.

Arthritis foundation provides good support to the patients suffering from arthritis. The support is provided through their website or through its several branches. Several members and volunteers of arthritis foundation also are available for support and counseling of the patients.