October 8, 2010

Brown Toe Nail Fungus – Causes And Treatment

Posted in Category : Common Ailments

The discoloration of an individual’s toe nails is a sign of some problem associated with them. Like every part of the body, an abnormality in the toe nails is diagnostically relevant. There are many different conditions that may cause brown toe nails or discolored toenails. It is important to understand the root cause of the problem so that a solution can be sought for it. One of the common brown toe nail causes is the appearance of a hematoma under the toe nail. This occurs due to injury and is not actually a discoloration of the toe nail but of the surface below it.

Fungal infections are often associated with toe nails and also with brown toe nails or discolored toe nails. Toe nail discoloration from fungal infections are very common in many people. Fungal infections thrive in areas where there is warmth and dampness. Individuals who wear shoes for long periods of time during the day may suffer from toe nail fungus. This problem is also related to poor hygiene and improper cleaning of the toes. The toe nails may pick up dirt or infections easily because they come into contact with contaminants that may be present on the ground on which the individual is standing or walking. During bathing, the gaps between the toes may collect moisture which, if not properly dried, will cause fungal infections to develop. These infections can pass to the toe nail as well. Brown toe nail fungus is caused by a common form of fungus that is capable of infecting the skin and the toe nails. Brown toe nail fungus also causes the toe nail to become thicker and may cause a change of shape of the toe nail as well. Brown toe nails or discolored toe nails could thus cause a lot of aesthetic issues as well as discomfort to the individual.

The treatment for brown toe nail fungus and toe nail pigmentation is based on hygiene and medication. The toe nail must be cleaned regularly and washed with soap. The individual should then wash and clean his or her hands as well. There are anti-fungal creams that an individual can use to cure brown toe nail fungus. These anti-fungal creams are useful as they will help to kill off the offending fungus causing brown toe nails and discolored toenails. When an infection has become severe, it may not be curable using anti-fungal medication. The patient may have to have the infected nail removed completely. This allows the infected nail to be eliminated. This procedure also ensures that the new growing toe nail will be treated well so that it grows without any infection developing on it.