March 21, 2007

Eyelash Care & Enhancement Tips

Posted in Category : Beauty

Eyelashes have been the favorite emblem of feminine beauty since time immemorial. Most caricatures present and available from history have a clear demarcation between male and female figures using the medium of the eyelashes to depict the essence of beauty. Long, curvy eyelashes that have a twist towards the upper side are a treat to watch and almost redefine the eyes. Its is pertinent to however take good care of the eyelashes and to ensure that they remain in good shape.

Most people are naturally gifted with long eye lashes. Those who are not can use artificial means to enhance their eyelashes. Such enhancements are classically known as the eyelash extensions. They enhance the naturally present eyelashes and also make them look thicker, longer and fuller. Besides the advantages stated above, these enhancements are easy to clean, maintain and take care of. Eyelashes can be cared for and made beautiful using simple steps. A few of the steps are enumerated below :-

  • Brush the eyelashes with a soft brush everyday.
  • Do not rub your eyes hard and they induce them to break off.
  • Never use scissors on the eye lashes unless you want to ruin the.
  • Remove eye make up from the eyelashes by washing them carefully. Take care not to scrub them.
  • Avoid coloring them and they are very sensitive and wrong use of synthetic color can affect the eyes too.

Proper care of the eye lashes will help you redefine the eyes and make them look a lot more beautiful.