March 19, 2010

Ear Swelling Causes and Treatment

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Ear swellings do not usually erupt for no reason. If you have suffered from a swollen ear for more than a couple of days, you need to get a medical opinion on what the matter could be with you. Sometimes, a swollen ear can be a relatively harmless thing. But other times, it could indicate the presence of infection. If you have an infection of some sort, be assured that neglecting this will only make it worse. A blow or a heavy impact to the ear can also cause swelling. Any injury that changes the shape of the ear may also cause swelling. This is commonly known as perichondritis. This results from any prolonged infection or chronic and recurrent ear infections. Another such deformity causing ear swelling is called cauliflower ear. Infection of the ear canal, particularly the inner ear, which has been left to fester, can also be the cause of inordinate pain and swelling in the ear. Swimmer’s ear, which is water clogging in the ear, may also cause some swelling in the ear. If you are allergic to any jewelry you are wearing, then too it could be the cause of swelling. Any sort of obstructive growth in the ear canal can also cause swelling. This would typically include boils, warts, scabs and so on. Your first step should be to isolate the cause behind your problem. Then you can look for a cure that will correspond with your problem.

Swollen Ear Treatment

For any and all ear infections, it is advisable to not try and cure them yourself. This will only make the infection grow and will eventually make things worse for you. Sometimes, if left untreated, infections can cause irreversible harm to the inner ear as well. You may also impair your hearing, so if you are suffering from an infection, you would be better off taking prescription drugs to treat it. For all other non infectious causes, you can try a handful of remedies yourself. Applying arnica tincture all over and around the swelling will be very useful in helping to treat the swelling. You can also apply garlic juice for similar results. Apply warm packs for comfort. If this does not help, and instead aggravates your problem, you could always use the other extreme and start with application of ice packs. One of the two should be helpful to you. Try to avoid administering yourself pain killers, as this could cause harm.