March 31, 2010

Remedies and Causes for Breast Tenderness

Posted in Category : Women's Health

Breast swelling and tenderness is caused by many factors like medical conditions or natural reasons. One of the most common causes is PMS, a time when the body goes through hormonal imbalances. Similarly, it is also one of the first signs of pregnancy as the breasts get ready for the production of milk for the baby. It can also be caused by a trauma in the tissues or muscles of the breasts. Nutrition and diet, water retention and excess weight also play a role in making breasts tender and swollen. But, not all the causes are as simple as the above mentioned. Swelling and tenderness is also caused by some serious conditions like fibro cysts, a condition in which lumps also form in the breasts. Swelling and tenderness can also be symptoms of serious ailments like tumors and cancer. It is therefore necessary to get a physical examination if a woman suffers from breast tenderness and swelling for a long time and if it is not caused by PMS or pregnancy.

When the sebaceous glands of the breasts are clogged resulting in an infection, they become swollen and tender. This condition is accompanied by fever as well. Breast swelling and tenderness can often be rectified with a proper diet. Since water retention is one of the causes, cutting down on the intake of salts and consuming natural foods would help in bringing the breasts to their normal size and form. The woman must avoid caffeine and fatty foods to get relief from swelling and tenderness. If caused by an imbalance in the fatty acids of the fat cells in the breasts, tenderness and swelling can be rectified by consuming evening primrose oil and vitamin E oil. Tenderness and swelling is also caused by a frequent consumption of contraceptive pills as it results in fluctuation in the hormones. So, discontinuing it may bring a positive change in breasts. To treat swelling of breasts, the woman can place a couple of raw cabbage leaves on her breasts and let it stay for about an hour. The breasts will come to their normal size and shape in about three hours. Mixing one teaspoon of ground flaxseeds in foods and beverages and consuming it daily is also beneficial in keeping breasts healthy. Herbal teas are also known to work effectively at flushing out the fluids that cause water retention in the breasts. Losing weight can also get rid of the symptoms of swollen and tender breasts.