Itchy Ear Treatment: I have drainage from my ear that stinks. It doesn't hurt but itches and stinks. Is this an ear infection? I tried the garlic drops and it burned really badly is this supposes to do this? Thanks for your help!!

The perfect antidote for an oozing ear infection lies in the very confines of your kitchen. Not only is this solution a cure but also a preventative and works better than most antibiotics or OTC products out there. Add two pods of peeled and skinned garlic to a heating container containing two teaspoons of mustard oil. This combination must be warmed slowly on the fire. Once you observe the garlic changing color to dark brown, take the container off the heat. Strain the contents and let it stand to cool. When the oil is lukewarm, take a cotton bud dip into the oil for a while toll the cotton end of the stub is soaked with oil. Do not attempt to push the cotton bud in the ear, rather hold the bud to the entrance of ear canal and squeeze the oil from the bud into the ear. Put in 4 - 5 drops and tilt your head towards the application.

Let this oil stand in the wear for about 5 minutes and if the pain is very severe, hold it longer in the ear canal. Most infections, worms or external foreign body if lodged in the ear will get cured. The oil kills worms and expels them and also gets rid of the foreign body.

answered by C B

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