Can you tell me that if triphala guggul and triphala works for weight loss? and also can you tell me some home remedy for facial hair removal.

Yes, Triphala Guggulu and Medohar Guggulu taken in ratio 2:1  within half an hourafter meal is a weight loss prescription from ayurveda. But there is a big BUT here.

First condition to melt the fat is adequate cellular oxygen and lymph movement. This requires either walking swimming or Pranayama. Most of metro lifestyle and white collar job lifestyle (A.C., computers, cars, lifts and bed) do not permit any movement of muscles at tummy level.

If exercise is started, just removing triglicerides around belly button, which give rise to visceral obesity, using lier detoxification gives weight loss around 8-10% of body weight (if weighong more than 200 lbs).

answered by S B

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