After delivery I have put on weight specially on tummy and my current weight is 82 kg i am 165 cm tall. My prob is that i am walking regularly for 45 mints daily but my weight is still 82. please suggest me how to reduce my weight and tummy size.

Most women find that themselves heavier by 7-10 kilos after they have had a baby. This is because that the weight that you gain nurtures your baby both while you are pregnant and after delivery. Weight loss is usually an effective combination of diet control and exercise. If you are exercising regularly and are not losing weight, you might want to pay more attention to your diet and ensure that you are not consuming more calories than you burn off during exercise. You can experiment with your diet and cut out the foods that might be negating the effects of your exercise. You should consult with a qualified dietician for a diet that is customised for you because it is not a good idea to stress your body in the post-pregnancy. To reduce the size of your tummy specifically, there are a few exercises such as floor crunches, side crunches, and lower abdomen crunches, that you can try. These exercises will help you tone your abdominal region and help you make your waistline smaller.

You should always remember that going on a diet and exercising depends upon how long it has been since you gave birth. Controlling your diet too soon can affect your milk supply and exhaust you completely. If it has been a while since you gave birth, about two months for example, you can begin to diet and exercise without worrying about your health or that of your child.

answered by G M

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