February 7, 2011

Eye Problems with Contact Lenses

Posted in Category : General Health

Eyesight is an important function of the body that an individual needs for all day to day activities. Under normal circumstances, the eyes are supposed to generate a clear and useful image of things that are seen by the individual. This image generation occurs thanks to the lens of the eye. Light from outside the eye is allowed to enter the eye and is focused on to the back of the eye by the lens. When the lens is functioning normally, the image gets focused correctly on to the back of the eye. This focused image is then analyzed and the information passed to the brain. Any individual who needs corrective lenses is one who is suffering from improper alignment or thickness of the lens. When this happens, corrective lenses are placed in front of the eye to improve the focus of the images that we wish to see. These corrective lenses may be in the form of spectacles or contact lenses. Contact lenses are preferred by individuals who do not wish to alter their physical appearance using spectacles. While some people prefer spectacles, others are less keen on using this form of lens correction.

There are some effects of contact lenses that must be taken into account before an individual decides to adopt this form of lens correction. If one does not follow the rules of how to wear contact lenses correctly, one might end up with a situation where there is some serious infection in the eyes. It should be noted that most people wearing contact lenses do not experience many eye problems with contact lenses. These problems are unique to individuals who have pre-existing conditions or to those who do not follow the instructions for how to wear contact lenses correctly and safely.

The eyes are lubricated by tear glands which regularly secrete small amounts of fluid into the eyes. This fluid is moved about by the eyelids and is allowed to drain through a channel which enters the nasal canal. When one is crying, the quantity of tears is too much to drain in this way which is why tears flow down the face. The use of contact lenses may affect the lubrication of the eyes which is one of the reasons why irritation is felt.

Some of the serious contact lenses risks include the development of eye infections, physical damage to the eye from improper installation of lenses and the development of corneal ulcers. An ulcer in the eye usually develops as a result of an infection. The reason why it is classified separately from a less severe infection is that most of these infections do not cause physical damage to the cornea.

Most contact lenses risks can be reduced by the use of proper techniques for wearing contact lenses. All lens brands have recommendations printed on their packaging material relating to eye care and contact lenses usage. These include information on how often the lenses need to be changed and how they need to be cleaned. An individual with eye problems and using contact lenses should follow this information in order that they have reduced contact lenses risks than one who do not. Lenses need to be cleaned daily and also need to be lubricated daily. It is also unhealthy to sleep with lenses on. One may also reduce the contact lenses risks by cleaning the lens container regularly and replacing this container every few months. Washing of the hands before one would change the lenses will also reduce the contact lenses risks.

When there are some symptoms of eye trouble such as itching and redness of the eyes, one should visit a doctor for a consultation on the matter. This will help to catch any infections immediately. During a bout if itching, one should avoid wearing contact lenses.