March 19, 2008

Home Treatment For Toenail Fungus In Toddlers

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Fungal Infection in Kids

While it is certainly less common for children to get toenail fungus, it is happening more and more. This is especially true for older kids that are starting to use the school locker room for gym or athletics or for girls who frequent nail salons. It is estimated that only about five percent of kids are affected by toenail fungus, but as a parent it is certainly something that you should be aware of before it starts.

Toenail Home Remedies

Children have thinner fingernails and toenails than adults. That means that it may be easier to treat kids for nail fungus than it is for adults. Vick’s Vaporub is a common treatment for nail fungus, and while it may sound strange it is certainly worth a try. A Prescription strength anti-fungal medications are often not appropriate for children because these medications may come with some very serious side effects. Liver damage is one of the biggest side effects of these medications. If your child comes home with nail fungus, try a home remedy treatment instead of extra-strength medication.

Now is also the time to teach your teen or child about safe practices when it comes to the feet. If your child uses the school locker room at all, he or she should know that wearing flip-flops or sandals should be a common practice. Walking around in bare feet can wreak havoc when it comes to contracting athlete’s foot and nail fungus. Your child should also know that bringing home the gym clothes, socks and shoes regularly for cleaning and airing out should be a common practice. If your child plays sports, consider disinfecting all footwear each time it is used. This is a great way to stop the spread of infection.

There are things you can do as a parent to help your child prevent this painful nail infection. When your child knows the right procedures for staying safe, then he or she is taking a step in preventing nail fungus.