March 3, 2008

Information On Breast Cancer Surgery

Posted in Category : Women's Health

Breast cancer occurs due to abnormal growth of cells in women’s breast. The severity of the problem can be understood by the fact that after lung cancer, breast cancer is the second factor responsible for death in women. The common misconception about breast cancer is that it only occurs in women. It has been found from researches that nearly 1 percent men of the total world population are likely to develop symptoms of breast cancer. So diagnosis and detection of breast cancer becomes extremely essential. Breast cancer surgery is a good option to tackle breast cancer besides other treatments such as chemotherapy.

There are many alternatives to diagnose and treat breast cancer like gene testing and hormone therapy. Mimeographs are used to detect symptoms of breast cancer and it helps doctors to design an effective breast cancer treatment plan for the patient.

Breast cancer surgery is mostly preferred by doctors when this condition becomes very severe and uncontrollable. There are different terms are used to described this kind of surgical procedures like breast conserving surgery which is done in order to remove tumors or malignant growths from the breast, Breast conserving surgery usually followed by radiation therapy to remove remaining breast cancer cells. Other alternative for breast cancer involves mastectomy operation in which whole breast is removed and sometimes, mastectomy is preferred only if the breast cancer surgery gives no results.

It has been found by the doctors, surgical procedure are not enough to provide relief from breast cancer; therefore, people turn to other alternatives like radiation therapy and hormone therapy as well.

People may experience discomfort during bowel movements or while urinating, these some common side effects of a breast cancer surgery. Usually recovery takes just a few days depending on the extent and the intensity of the surgical procedure. Some people may need a few hours to a few days to recover from breast surgery. Afterwards they are required to undergo certain post operative treatments and exercise regimes so that they can lead normal lives after surgery. A good nutritional plan combined with a good fitness routine and a positive attitude one can overcome the effects of breast cancer surgery.