February 9, 2011

Treatment For Alcoholic Hepatitis (A Serious Liver Disease)

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Alcohol is a part of human culture and has been so for several centuries. Alcohol consumption is an important part of socializing. There are some cultures where alcohol is banned, but in most places in the world, it is freely available. Alcohol is addictive in nature, but only to individuals who consume this substance daily. Most drinkers are social drinkers and are able to avoid alcohol as and when necessary. However, prolonged exposure to alcohol can causes serious health problems and it is therefore necessary that if you are an addict you need to quit drinking on your own.


The liver is an important and very complicated organ of the human body. It performs several different functions on which the life of an individual depends. One such function of the liver is of detoxification. This is the process that is associated with alcohol consumption. When the body detects alcohol in its blood, it begins to process the blood through the liver in order to filter this substance out of the body. Hepatitis is a condition where the liver is inflamed due to some infection or condition in the body. Alcoholic hepatitis symptoms vary from patient to patient. In many cases, there will be mild or no alcoholic hepatitis symptoms at all. This is the case with most people who are in the process of developing this condition. As the condition progresses, these individuals will experience alcoholic hepatitis symptoms. The most common alcoholic hepatitis symptoms include pain in the liver area and impaired liver function. This may cause fever, jaundice, ascites and many other potentially life threatening conditions. For individuals who have no alcoholic hepatitis symptoms, an examination may show that the liver is partially enlarged. This is a sign that remedial action needs to be take.

An individual who suffers from alcohol induced hepatitis should avoid the consumption of alcohol completely. Everyone should realize that alcoholic hepatitis is a life threatening condition and should therefore seek effective tips to give up drinking. It is not wise to risk one’s life in the pursuit of alcohol. There are many ways to stop drinking which should be tried by any individual who is suffering from alcoholic hepatitis. Individuals may choose to quit drinking on their own or to seek the help of support groups and agencies that can help them get over this problem. In some cases, individuals who are suffering from alcohol dependency may need to be forcefully placed into rehabilitation centers. This usually happens when members of the family or friends circle have had enough of the individual being continuously drunk.

Alcoholic hepatitis treatment depends on the extent to which the liver has been damaged. The liver is a vital organ that cannot be treated if it is damaged beyond a certain point. An individual will also not be able to survive without a liver that is at least partially functional. Liver transplants are possible, but these are usually not given to patients with a history of alcohol abuse simply because there is a good chance that this organ donation will be wasted. Therefore, medications and surgical options are used for alcoholic hepatitis treatment.

It should be noted that in most cases, the alcoholic hepatitis symptoms are not particularly dangerous. It is only when an individual ignores these symptoms and continues drinking that the problem really becomes acute. Most patients suffering from alcoholic hepatitis will recover fully if they stop alcohol consumption and begin to follow a healthy diet. It is important that such people realize the severity of their condition because this is the only way in which they will be prompted to make a useful change to their habits. Some individuals may be ashamed or embarrassed about their condition. These people can seek anonymous help for their problem of alcohol dependency.