Liver Disease Treatment With Home Remedies: My mom has liver disease and is in a nursing home. She is always sleepy and out of it. She is also taking 0.5 MG of Ativan. She also has high ammonia level in the blood. What is causing this? Kindly help.

One of the most important organs in the body, the liver produces bile which is needed for digestion of food. It also plays a vital role in the excretion of waste materials and toxic substances from the body and is responsible for producing cholesterol and proteins which help in repairing damaged tissues and building tissues. The storehouse of energy in the body, it has the unique capacity of regenerating itself and thus any kind of liver damage or liver disease can bring the body to a crisis situation. Liver disease is most often caused by excessive and abusive consumption of alcohol. It can also be caused by prolonged consumption of quinine, chronic viral hepatitis, autoimmune hepatitis, cystic fibrosis and blockage of the bile duct. Liver disease is also directly linked to high levels of ammonia in the blood. If the liver is damaged, then the ammonia in the system does not get converted into urea which is then excreted through the urine. In order to reduce the levels of ammonia in the blood you should immediately increase your intake of water so that the ammonia can be washed out of your system. The increased water in the body will induce frequent urination enabling the ammonia to be flushed out of the system faster. Apart from this lemon and grapefruit are beneficial in helping the liver breakdown toxins and convert the ammonia into urea. It is of course important to have a healthy liver and thus prevent liver disease by reducing your intake of alcohol.

Apart from medications, you can also use home remedies to treat the liver damage and slowly recover your liver's full working strength. Since digestion is severely affected in liver disease, you should immediately alter your diet by reducing your intake of fat which is difficult to digest. Fried and processed foods, spicy foods, turmeric and chilly are known to be harmful for the liver and should be avoided. On the other hand you should increase your intake of carbohydrate since it is a good source of energy. Apart from this you can drink 1 glass of water with 1 tsp of glucose mixed in it, thrice a day. Drinking 1 glass of water with the juice of 1 lemon and a pinch of salt is beneficial for treating liver disease. You can also mix 1 tbsp of the juice extracted from the black seeds of the papaya fruit with 10 drops of lemon juice and drink this twice a day for 1 month. Drinking buttermilk with some salt and roasted cumin seeds is excellent for treating liver disease. 300 ml carrot juice mixed with 100 ml of either cucumber juice or spinach juice can be consumed daily for at least a month. This is very good for improving the health of your liver.

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