Pregnancy and Reproduction Complications

by Sharon Hopkins

Pregnancy is a wish fulfilled almost each time. However, some women might have difficulty in conceiving because of a variety of reasons. There are quite some numbers of reasons why a woman cannot get pregnant; these might be because of physical causes, hormonal imbalances or fertility.

One of the most common reasons today, is infertility, it seems to be growing because of the urban lifestyle and exposure to different environments throughout day. Infertility might not be a problem related only with a woman, even men are known to be infertile, and this is quite common. Infertility can be cured through proper medication. For those incurable types of infertility, women can still get pregnant after using techniques like IVF, etc.

Ectopic pregnancy is another types of pregnancy disorder, normally a fertilized egg lodges itself on the lining of the uterus which does not happen in case of ectopic pregnancy. In this type of pregnancy, the egg generally lodges itself anywhere but on the walls of uterus, the egg plants itself inside the fallopian tubes, abdomen, this causes excessive bleeding because of its lodging inside tubal lining. The reason for this type of pregnancy is because of blockage of fallopian tubes.

Hyperthyroidism is another reason for pregnancy complications, here the thyroid gland tends to produce the hormone thyroid more than it normally should, this generally tends to speed up the metabolic activity, this state also causes problems in conception for women. Proper check up regarding the levels of thyroid in body should be done so that conception becomes possible and easy.

Another type of high risk pregnancy is due to incompetent cervix, this is a case where the cervix of the pregnant woman begins to dilate before the term is over, this dilation occurs in a painless way and without the normal way where is does after the contractions in the uterus begin. This is said to be the cause of 25% several miscarriages that occur in the third trimester.

Labor and birth of a baby should be taken care of, during labor several factors can create a problem, these too can be treated, high risk pregnancies require special care and constant surveillance of a surgeon so that fast treatment is possible without harming the life of either the child or the mother. Once conception is done, pregnant women need to take special care of the hormone levels as well as any other problems they might face during this period.

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