Is tetracil (silver oxide) safe to use during pregnancy?

Tetracil is generally advised for treatment of shingles like rashes in pregnancy. But, my sincere advice is to obtain professional expertise, before doing anything in pregnancy. If the reason for your search is shingles, please visit your gynaecologist immediately. A handful of easy-to-follow home remedies for shingles are provided here.

Shingles is caused by herpes virus, resulting in pain and rashes. Always opt for natural substances as anything synthetic, might harm the womb. Immune levels have to be enhanced to ward off infection. Supplements of vitamin C and E are effective home remedies. Dabbing di methyl sulfoxide on the affected area is helpful. Topical application of cider vinegar provides immediate relief. Local anaesthetic creams available commercially are useful. Avoid popping the boils or blisters. Anti inflammatory drugs are taken under the recommendations of your physician. Cool compresses prove beneficial.

Relaxation techniques are also equally helpful. Over-the-counter creams containing capsaicin is an effective remedy. Meditation, self hypnosis and other physical activities are helpful in coping with the painful stress. Anti depressants are advised under a physician's guidance. A cold milk compress is an excellent and soothing remedy.

answered by Dr C

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