Bacterial Vaginosis

by Carol Gomes

Bacterial Vaginosis is yet another type of infection occurring in the vaginal area of women, bacterial vaginosis can occur due to warm weather, bad hygiene conditions and usage of device like the intra uterine device for birth control, etc. Women of all ages are susceptible to Bacterial Vaginosis, however risk of contacting this infection in higher in women with menopause and those who are suffering with diabetes.

Risk of Bacterial Vaginosis is also higher in women with multiple sex partners; the rate of this infection is higher among the African American women. Another cause of this infection is spread of E.Coli a common resident of the rectum area in vaginal area causing the natural balances to tip.

Bacterial Vaginosis can be treated quite easily with the medication available in the market and the ones taken on doctor's advice. This infection sometimes might not be noticed by women before it develops into a pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) which is more difficult to treat. Therefore, it is necessary to notice this infection and should be treated in time. Even if you notice something unusual you can contact your doctor and mention this to him.

Most of the times women are unaware that they have this infection until they are diagnosed with it during routine pelvic exam and Pap Smear test. Treatment for this infection includes topical application as well as antibiotics dosage, which can cure this infection within 3-4 days.

All vaginal infections occur when lactobacillus, the protective bacteria cannot protect the vaginal area, therefore, infections like the yeast infection, trichomoniasis, etc. are most common vaginal infections.

These can be prevented by maintaining proper hygiene. During intercourse usage of condoms is a must as these will protect against a series of STD as well as several vaginal infections. You can also take care of cleaning yourself properly after bowel movements so that the E Coli does not spread in the vaginal area causing infections. Women should ensure that they wear cotton undergarments, especially the panties so that all the moisture is absorbed by the cloth leaving fewer chances for infections.

After sex, women should ensure that they clean themselves with mild anti-bacterial soap regularly so that their chances of contacting any vaginal infections are reduced to a minimum. Paper used to clean the area should be clean white surgical paper and not treated or scented paper as this might increase irritation in vaginal area.

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