April 4, 2008

Premature Birth – Common Complication of Pregnancy, Medications for Baby

Posted in Category : Women's Health

A number of complications can arise during pregnancy. Most of women fear occurrences of complications, as they can be fatal to both the mother as well as the child. One of the common complications is premature birth.

Premature birth means the delivery of the baby before the normal time required for it. Ideal time for the delivery is about 37 weeks of pregnancy. The common cause of premature delivery is rupture of breaking of the wall of the sac supporting the growth of baby. This sack also contains the amniotic fluids.

In such a premature birth, the baby does not have complete growth. Therefore, it faces a number of problems. The first problem involved in premature growth is that the baby may not be prepared to survive outside the womb. However, this occurs in the extreme cases. The reason for this may be undeveloped essential organs.

On the other hand, in some simple cases the problems as lesser weight, underdevelopment of the some body parts, etc, normally occur.

There are several reasons, which are accounted for premature birth. These may be natural which we cannot control. Nevertheless, some of the external reasons like intake of toxic substances as during smoking, insufficient nutrition, vaginal diseases, etc are also responsible.  These should be taken care of especially by the women, who wish to have a baby. Medication is helpful in most of the cases of premature birth.