Why Do We Need Fitness Exercises?

Physical fitness is much more than just monitoring our weight. It is the ability of our body to perform daily tasks energetically and vigilantly with less effort and energy. It helps us look and feel best, enjoy leisure time, and withstand stress. Fitness also aids in uplifting or tackling undesirable situations of life. It is a blend of physical strength, mental alertness and emotional stability.

Physical fitness is classified into various components that are responsible for achieving good health. The basic components are cardio-respiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition. The first component is the cardio-respiratory endurance that aids in supplying blood, oxygen and nutrients to body tissues. Muscular strength and muscular endurance aids in strengthening of muscles and overall muscle fitness. Flexibility helps in easy movement of muscles and joint whereas body composition refers to the lean mass and fat mass of the body. Fitness is mainly a ratio of fat mass to lean mass.

To ensure healthy functioning of the fitness components it is very essential to do exercises. There are various forms of body movements and exercises that can help achieve physical health, mental alertness and emotional stability. The kind of exercises required greatly depends on various factors like age, health condition, personal skills, daily routine and convenience.

There are many kinds of fitness workouts such as aerobics, stretching exercises and yoga exercises. Any form of exercise should always begin with warm up exercises that warms the body and makes it more flexible and convenient for other exercises. All these exercises enhance physical strength and provide more energy to perform daily activities with less effort and paves way for a healthier and longer life.

Not only exercises but a simple walk can also make up for making you feel strong and refreshed. With physical fitness you boost your mental and emotional state with a completely different approach towards life. As longer as you take care of your fitness, you will leave a healthy life free from negative thoughts and evils.