Stress at Work

Yoga and stress management is deeply linked to each other. Stress without yoga can lead to fatal health conditions. It is believed that the traditional form of yoga has proven to be fruitful in reducing the levels of stress and bringing peace of mind. There are several reasons for stress at work that can be curbed through various yoga poses, breathing exercises and meditation.

Some of the common job stressors are as follows:


politics on job has become a major cause of job stress these days. No matter where you work, at what post your work and how efficiently you work, politics is a definite stressor that can disturb your personal as well as professional life. Stress in job politics come from being incompetence, difference of opinion, confidence level and degree of determination. Many individuals undergo various manipulations and degrade other employees of the company, expecting them to behave as their desire.

Freedom of Performance and Thoughts

Every employee as a human has different levels of comfort when it comes to performance and decision making. There is a grade of people who require assistance from seniors and some kind of supervision. These people when exposed to ample of decision making responsibilities often go under stress. At the other end, there are some people who want to take their own decisions in order to make maximum benefit. These people when bounded by their seniors also go under stress because they can't work the way they want. In both the cases, whether people have too much freedom of performance and thoughts or have little freedom, the individual often experiences certain symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety.

Too Much or Too Little Responsibility

Too little responsibility often leads to frustrated ambition, disillusionment and feeling of ignorance. On the other end, too much responsibility leads to over stress, frustrated life, fatigue, depression, disappointment and immobilization. In both the cases, people develop the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Interruptions and Conflicting Demands

Most of the people don't like other interrupting in their work. When this continues for a longer time, the individual gets stressed out. Even after any conflicting demands like increasing the work time, over work with less pay, handing an individual's task to other employee or refusing the task, also places an individual under stress.

Role Conflict

Working women experiences more role conflicts than men. They often get jealous with their friends and relatives at a higher post. Apart from that there are variety of job interference with women's role as wives, mothers, daughter-in-law and many other.