March 31, 2008

Exercise during Pregnancy – Fitness & Lifestyle for Healthy Baby Growth

Posted in Category : Women's Health

A pregnant mother should be healthy and happy; this is important for the overall growth of the little baby who remains dependent on its mother for nourishment. Exercise during pregnancy helps you to feel better and look better.

A pregnant woman has to take care of two people; one herself of course and second the child which she is carrying with her. Exercise during pregnancy increases the flow of blood which ensures that the nutrients are reaching in every corner of the body. It tones the muscles and also provides flexibility to the body. The back, thighs, butts all gets strengthened if a pregnant woman exercises. The body will feel more relaxed and thus you will feel fresh and have better sleep.

Exercise during pregnancy also prepares your body for the birth of your baby. Strong and flexible muscles and moreover good breathing control ensures smooth and painless birth. One of the major problems which a mother faces post pregnancy is overweight; but if you have been exercising regularly, then the chances of body gaining weight reduces.

There are many exercises during pregnancy which you can opt for such as aerobics, Pilates, swimming, running, walking biking etc. Do the ones which you enjoy the most and feel comfortable doing; but always take the advice of your doctor.

There are several precautionary measures which you need to adopt during the exercises. If you have vaginal bleeding, early contractions, high blood pressure and premature rupture of the membranes then you need to consult your doctor immediately.

Never exert your body while exercising; the moment you start getting feeling of breathlessness or getting fatigue then quit. Take a proper and balanced diet and lots of water. Always follow the instructions of your doctor and have a regulated lifestyle; this is a must for you as well as for your baby.