August 17, 2010

Difference Between Running and Jogging

Posted in Category : Exercise

Everyone strives to be in good health. But this is becoming increasingly difficult today due to hectic pace of life and easy availability of junk food. Neglecting one’s health could give rise to several illnesses and disorders. However, more and more people are recognizing the need to get back in shape. This is evident in the number of fitness centers and gymnasiums that are springing up everywhere.

Many individuals enroll in fitness programs or perform yoga to remain healthy. But there are also a large number of people who prefer to run or jog. This is good for those who are uncertain of their schedules and also those who cannot afford to go to a fitness center. Running and jogging can be done in a park or any other open area. It is the most basic and simplest way to stay fit. Many also consider running and jogging to be effective weight loss exercises. It also helps in strengthening the bones, maintaining blood pressure levels and blood sugar levels. Cardiovascular health also improves when you run or jog. It is a common perception that running and jogging are one and the same. However, experts believe that there is a certain difference between running and jogging. Jogging is an exercise any individual of any age can perform. One does not have to be an athlete to jog. With regular jogging, the fitness and activity level of the body is maintained. There are not many precautionary measures that have to be taken while jogging. You could jog on any surface. There is less effort involved in jogging as the speed is lower and the increase in heart rate is gradual. It can be done quite regularly since there is not much exertion. Daily jogging helps to prevent diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, hypertension, cancer and heart attack. Since jogging elevates the rate of metabolism, it is also effective in weight loss.

Running requires more stamina as it is much faster than jogging. One also needs to have physical endurance and a proper technique of running. Athletes and sports persons often prefer running as a form of exercise. The types of shoes you wear while running are very important as they should be able to form a good grip on the surface. Clothes must be comfortable and should help to maintain body temperature. Softer surfaces are preferred for running as the risk of injury is reduced. Running burns more calories and also tones the muscles much faster than jogging.