What Are Some of the Challenges for the New Mom

Giving birth to a child is no joke. Giving birth to a child is a tough job and an even tougher job is nurturing your child while staying healthy and fit. Most of the new mothers tend to fall ill because of various challenges that they face after giving birth to their sweet little baby.

After delivery women experiences several challenging moments in her life. To compete with these challenges, they need physical, emotional and spiritual support. This support can only be achieved through postnatal yoga. Staying healthy and fit both physically and emotionally can help women better nurture their babies. Yoga is the best advice for new mom.

The most challenging job that a new mother faces is breastfeeding. When she breast feeds her child she continuously sits with her head down, shoulders open and arms spread to hold the baby. She sits in this pose for hours and experiences a severe neck, back and shoulder pain.

At the time of delivery, the pelvic muscles are stretched to release the baby.  This pushing and stretching of pelvic muscles result in a weak pelvic floor that reduces the sexual sensation and causes urine leakage. It also results in weakened abdominal muscles. These muscles can be strengthened through regular yoga practice after about six weeks of delivery. If a mother ignores these yoga exercises, then the pelvic organ may prolapse and shift from the normal anatomical position.

Labor pains, delivery, stretching of pelvic muscles, weakened abdominal muscles, fatigue due to sleepless nights and a complete change in routine tends to shift the level of endurance in a new mother. There is a severe reduction in the level of endurance that can be balanced or enhanced with yoga exercises, breathing and medication. This will help to boost energy levels, improve stamina and gain power to compete with the busy and hectic lifestyle.

New mom is not only a mother she is also a wife, a daughter in law and may have other children as well. She is most of the household responsibilities and is the active member of the family. Therefore, she has to take extra care to stay healthy.