Energy drink nutritions facts snd Effects

It is necessary to know why you would need an energy drink. If you are feeling low on energy, there is always the alternative of food as well. Unless you are unable to eat for some reason, in which case drinking something is a better idea. Apart form the profusion of energy drinks that are easily available in the market, there are a few you can concoct at home as well. If you need a drink to make your bones healthier and stronger, you can make a milk based one. Milk can be had with rose flavored or any other malt-based syrup, twice or thrice a day. This will not only give you instant energy, it will also add to your general strength and stamina. If you need a drink which will simply revive you because you are exhausted, it should mostly be a water based one with sugar. You can make a quick drink with a glass of water to which you have added a tablespoon of khus khus, or powdered poppy seeds, and two tablespoons of sugar. This has cooling properties which will revive your spirits as well. To cool down your system, you can also have a sandalwood based drink. Sandalwood syrups are available in the market and will make you feel cool from within. All you would have to do is follow instructions on the syrup bottle and you have a drink ready in minutes.

If you want an energy drink that also doubles up as meals or a solid snack, then you can opt for freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices. A cocktail of apple, orange and celery with a dash of ginger thrown in is an excellent quick pick me up. This will also help you to take care of a cold if you have one.

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