March 2, 2010

Natural Way to Rejuvenate Skin at Home

Posted in Category : Beauty

Skin rejuvenation is commonly thought to incorporate procedures such as chemical peels, injectable fillers and face lifts. However, there are many other options as well that help in promoting younger looking skin. The process of skin rejuvenation does not have to be costly, painful and invasive. Skin rejuvenation from within will assist in giving you the clearer and younger looking skin that you desire.

The process of skin rejuvenation involves reversing the signs of ageing that become visible as one increases in age. Wrinkles and lines can be lessened and sagging areas of skin may be tightened through skin rejuvenation methods. There are many medical and surgical techniques that can be used to bring about this effect. However there are also many natural methods available that can help to make your skin look noticeably young. For diminishing the signs of ageing, fresh cell production is very important. The outer layer of skin only contains dead cells and as such application of anti-ageing lotions and creams do not provide complete rejuvenation. Skin rejuvenation through natural means involves equipping the body with the tools it requires to rejuvenate on its own from within. Skin cells are routinely rejuvenated naturally whenever we suffer injuries such as cuts and bruises. Through the healing process the skin repairs itself. Dermaabrasions and chemical peels are based on this natural repair process as they promote natural healing of the skin’s outer layers. New cells are produced in order to replace the old damaged cells. These methods are known to be very effective in promoting younger looking skin.

One can also allow the skin to rejuvenate naturally through less invasive means. Providing the body with adequate vitamins and minerals through the diet is a vital step in this natural skin rejuvenation process. These vitamins and minerals are broken down into the component amino acids, minerals and vitamins, which are then taken to the cells of the body through the bloodstream. The outer layer of cells is regularly shed, allowing for the emergence of fresh newer cells. This process keeps repeating and as such the skin keeps rejuvenating itself naturally. Important vitamins and minerals can be obtained through natural products such as green tea extract which provides protection against ultraviolet radiation, grape seed extract which helps to enhance blood circulation and black currant seed oil which helps to add suppleness to the skin due to its rich content of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. There are several other sources of vitamins and minerals which can be combined with these and taken on a regular basis for younger looking rejuvenated skin.