Advice on reccuring nose bleeds

The skin inside our noses is sensitive. When the weather turns dry, the skin inside is affected too. It becomes dry. What is more the dryness causes it to become brittle and suffer frequent breaks. It is this that causes the nosebleeds. However, chronic cases of nosebleed should be examined by the doctor.

You should first of all ensure that your surroundings are humidified by placing large bowls of water around. Especially ensure that your sleeping area is well humidified. Keep the heating and the air conditioning systems turned low. You can try some easy remedies to help stop the nosebleeds. You can sit on a chair and hold your nose tightly on the bridge. Then bend down so that your head is between your knees. You can also try lying down with your head tilted back. Peel an onion and chop off a large chunk of this. Hold this under your nose. You will find that the bleeding stops almost instantly. Roll up a piece of toilet paper and push this under your upper lip. Hold it there for a little while. This is supposed to stop the bleeding from your nose. Take a piece of ice and hold it in your mouth. Use your tongue to hold it up to the roof of your mouth for as long as possible.

answered by G R

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