April 1, 2008

Ringworm in Pets

Posted in Category : Natural Cures

Did you know that humans aren’t the only ones that suffer from ringworm? Your beloved pet can also get ringworm. This is especially true for animals that spend a lot of time outside. Ringworm in pets is contagious and people and other pets in the home can actually contract ringworms from their pets. It is not serious, however, and you can treat your pet much the same way you would treat yourself.

If you noticed your dog or cat scratching and dry, scaly patches on their body, then your pet may have ringworms. You will find that kittens who have been outdoors, or pets born in a kennel or kept in close quarters with other animals often suffer from ringworm. With cats, ringworm often shows up on and around the face. You may notice that the cat looks dirty, or may look like food is on the face. If you notice this, along with missing whiskers and lashes, then it is probably ringworm. In dogs, the lesions will show up on the body.

Your vet can easily diagnose ringworm. The first thing your vet will do is to take a visual exam on your pet and note any visible lesions on the fur. A fluorescent light is also very helpful in diagnosing ringworm in pets. If it is still not apparent, then a culture may be taken.

Treatment for pets often includes a topical solution that is applied to the dry patches for several days. Baths, dips and oral medication may also be in order depending on the severity of the ringworm. If you have other pets in the house, you will need to take special precaution to wash bedding and to avoid spreading the ringworm. Incubation time for ringworm is 10-12 days and during that time, your pet is contagious.