I have round spots on my body that resemble ringworms. Please tell me what i need to use or apply.

Any round spot on the body does not mean that you have ringworm. You should look carefully at the spots on your body. If you have ringworm you will notice that the spot is round or oval. It is made up of raised flesh in the shape of a circle. The flesh inside the circle is perfectly normal. However, the skin on the circle is dry and scaly looking. It can cause you to feel itchy. Ringworm can affect your arms, legs and even your scalp. You should first carry out a thorough search to ascertain the places where you have the rings.

One of the most effective ways to control ringworm is to use mustard seeds. You will have to grind mustard seeds and apply this paste on the rings on your body. Do this for at least four days for the cure to be effective.

Raw papaya is another effective cure to treat ringworm. You can cut a sliver of raw papaya and rub this on the ringworm. Do this at least twice a day and your ringworm will go down. You can also dry the seeds of the papaya and then grind these to a paste. Apply on the ringworm rings and leave on for at least half an hour. Basil leave are also very effective in treating ringworm. Simply crush some fresh leaves of Basil in your hand and extract the juice. Apply this all over the ringworm rings. Turmeric is known for its antiseptic properties and is an effective way to get rid of ringworm. Use raw turmeric to extract the juice and apply on the rings. In addition to this you should also add some turmeric to half a cup of hot milk or hot water and drink it. This will help it heal quickly.

Drinking raw vegetables juices had proved to be effective in treating ringworm. You can make a mixture of carrot and spinach juice and drink this every morning. Ensure that there is 300 ml of carrot juice while 200 ml of spinach juice is used.

Other applications that you can try on the ringworm are apple cider vinegar. You can use a clean cotton swab to apply this on the ringworms. Tea tree oil is another very effective way to get rid of ringworm.

Maintain a very high standard of hygiene and you will find that the rings do begin going down. Avoid sharing clothes and towels with other people. Use soap to wash your hands, especially after visiting the bathroom.

answered by M W

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