Uneven skin tone treatment: I am 22 yrs 35 kg girl. I want to improve my colour?

Your skin color is determined by the amount of melanin present in your skin. Melanin is an important pigment in the skin that is responsible for contributing color to the skin, to the hair and to the iris of the eyes, in an individual. The melanin in the skin is dependent upon the race of the person and also on the amount of sunlight the individual has been exposed to. The production of melanin is also related to environmental factors and if the skin has been exposed to the sun for long durations it could result in an uneven skin tone and hyper pigmentation.

Loss of skin pigmentation also known as hypo-pigmentation, takes place when the skin cells are unable to produce the requisite amount of melanin. In common cases, it is observed that immediately after a skin trauma such as an ulcer, skin blister, sunburned or skin infection the skin may lose some of its pigmentation in that particular area

However an uneven skin tone or darkened skin can also be caused due to the presence of hormonal imbalances in addition to sun exposure. Before treating surface symptoms or looking for ways to lighten the skin tone, it is always advisable to seek medical help in order to diagnose the condition that is causing the hyper pigmentation. Pigmentation takes place when there is an abnormality in the skin that causes the skin cells to either produce too much or too little melanin. The reasons behind skin pigmentation can range from auto immune disorders to allergic reactions to consequences of certain medications, and in some cases even genetic inheritance. But the largest factor of skin pigmentation problems is usually sun damage. Sun damage is caused when the skin is over exposed to the UV rays of the sun. Therefore, it is very important to keep your skin protected by applying a sun screen lotion while in the sun.

In some cases women who are undergoing hormonal therapy or replacement, or experiencing childbirth or have been taking birth control pills for a long period of time also experience skin pigmentation changes. Remember to factor in all these points before you determine a course of therapy to treat the uneven skin tone. Although diet also plays a major role in determining the health of your skin, once the damage has been done it is usually difficult to reverse the skin condition based only on a healthy diet. Hence it is advisable to seek a dermatologist's opinion to understand the nature of your skin condition and seek the right therapy for it.

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The skin reflects your health, and thus indirectly your diet, lifestyle and habits. In order to improve your skin tone and colour, you should lead a healthy lifestyle, devoid of unnecessary stress, with a regular exercise routine and a balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals and fibres. In addition to your regular intake of whole grain cereals, proteins and fats, a cupful of fruits and vegetables or a glass of juice of the Colour Diet is beneficial to improve the skin. This diet involves an amalgamation of various foods in different colours: Red/Purple (brinjals, berries, grapes, apples, beetroot, red cabbage and red peppers), Red/Pink (tomatoes, guava, pink grapefruit), Orange (apricots, oranges, mango, pumpkin, muskmelon), Orange/Yellow (papaya, pineapple, sweet lime, tangerines), Yellow/Green (avocado, mustard, cucumber, green peas, lettuce, spinach), Green (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower) and White Green (mushrooms, asparagus, celery, leeks, spring onions).

Turmeric is very beneficial for the skin and should be applied regularly to the skin to improve the skin tone and colour. Daily application of a paste of turmeric powder and lemon juice or cucumber juice helps to improve the skin colour, as well prevent pimples and boils. You can also prepare a wonderful body scrub by mixing turmeric powder and gram flour with some milk and water. Scrub your body with this natural scrub to improve your skin tone and texture. A regular scrub exfoliates the dead skin cells and layer of dirt accumulated on your skin, automatically working wonders for the appearance of your skin. You should try using natural products for your scrub, since they also have healing properties and prevent skin conditions and problems. You can make an excellent scrub using oatmeal and milk or curds. Fill this in a small pouch made with a loofah scrub or a muslin bag and scrub your body using this after soaking it in water. You can also use sugar and lime to make a pack that lightens your skin colour.

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