March 31, 2008

Alternative Cure for Endometriosis

Posted in Category : Women's Health

Endometriosis, a commonly seen painful, chronic and progressive disease occurs when the mucus membrane cells surrounding the uterus, form implants. These implants attach, grow, and function on the outer side of the uterus, which is a pelvic region. The causes of this disease are unknown containing widel unpredictability and severity.

The conservative surgery is a treatment of endometriosis plays a vital role to diagnose the endometriosis. It assists the patients to eradicate endometrial implants and cysts aggressively without causing any successive adhesions and surgical scarring, which may slow down future fertility of the woman.

The conservative surgery is instrumental to improve the woman infertility rates by diagnosing and curing severe endometriosis of stage III and IV. In some cases, early stage endometriosis is also diagnosed by the conservative surgery because of the progressive nature of its disorder. In the early stage postoperative period of the surgery, the best fertility rates occur. If there will be no elimination of implants completely, the fertility rates declines.

In treatment of Endometriosis like conservative surgery, two alternatives either laparoscopy or laparotomy are performed by the surgeon. The laparoscopy is performed by the surgeon under general anesthetic.

Firstly, in Laparoscopy, small incisions at the naval and above the pubic bone are carried out. The laparoscope, which is a hollow tube, is equipped with camera lenses and optic light source made up of fiber. This tube is situated through incisions at the navel.

Secondly, the surgeon inserts the probe via second incision by which physician directly sees the outside area of ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes. The surgeon may make the additional required incisions on both sides of the lower abdomen. These incisions are used to pass surgical instruments and devises to eradicate the abnormal tissues. The laser or scissors is used to remove the implants.

Laparotomy is another treatment of Endometriosis in which surgeon uses a wide abdominal incisions and traditional surgical instruments. This surgery is invasive and needs infinite recovery timing. Laparotomy is typically used for insightful and sensitive endometriosis.