July 21, 2010

Reduce Cellulite on Thighs

Posted in Category : Alternate Therapies

Running is one of the most common and probably one of the best means of exercising not just to lose weight but also to stay fit. This holds true not just for the young but for all ages. Research has shown that running and the aging process are closely related. Aging runners have shown fewer signs of disabilities and have a longer life span as compared to aging non runners. Older runners are more likely to have a lot of determination to overcome challenges and adhere to a schedule.

Running three times a week and for three to five miles increases the flexibility and the functionality of your joints. However you have to make sure that your joints are healthy in the first place which means you have to be careful not to run through pain and give yourself rest between runs to prevent any kind of injury. Running also reduces the chances of dying from a stroke, cancer, neurological diseases or even infection.

Running is not the only way to be healthy and live longer. It is doing any kind of exercise that you enjoy doing. However people still prefer running because it has proven beneficial to many elderly and aging men and women for years.

Running and cellulite are closely related and another advantage of running is cellulite reduction. Even though cellulite is genetic and one may not have control over it, running can help to get rid of it. Running increases circulation in your thighs and rear which in turn helps to keep the skin smooth, toned and nourished. It helps reduce the layer of fat in those areas and builds muscle instead. However it is a time consuming process and hence one has to be very patient.

Running also has some disadvantages like Acne. A common concern for runners is acne on the chest, upper arms and back mainly in women. This is more common in the areas where the skin is covered with clothing. The reason for acne is the sweat blocked in the pores along with the friction from rubbing clothes. Wearing sunscreen or make-up could worsen the problem. There are many ways to prevent acne caused by running. The first thing to do is change your clothes immediately after running and hit the shower. Cleansing acne prone areas is of utmost importance by using a soap designed for acne. Avoiding make-up while exercising will definitely help. Choose an oil free sunscreen for the neck and face and a sunscreen gel for the rest of the body as opposed to a cream based lotion.