March 17, 2010

Pyelonephritis and Diabetes Treatment

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To begin with, pyelonephritis and diabetes are two separate disorders which need to be dealt with separately. The former refers to some sort of infection of one’s urinary tract which is essentially a kidney infection. Unfortunately, such infections can cause individuals a lot of pain. It’s not just the pain that is a problem but also the aggravation that can come with it. Such infections initially start out in one’s bladder or urethra. Eventually this manages to spread such that it reaches your kidneys. Such infections are so grave that it is imperative that you get to your doctor without delay. In fact, pyelonephritis can be a threat to one’s life, if one ignores it. The infection is caused by certain bacteria which can get in through one’s urethra. The multiplication of such bacteria is what leads to this kidney infection. Sometimes, if you body is already dealing with an infection, this can spread and eventually affect this organ via your bloodstream. Symptoms can be diverse but include pain or pressure in one’s abdominal area, urine retention or even frequent trips to the bathroom. As with most infections, this is sometimes accompanied by a fever. Again, as with most infections, pyelonephritis is handled with antibiotics. Water is a veritable panacea and again is much needed in the prevention as well as cure of pyelonephritis. Do supplement your pyelonephritis medication with proper nutrition. This means that you shouldn’t skip vegetables at each meal. If you feel that your body is telling you to visit the bathroom, don’t allow yourself to ignore that urge.

Home Remedy

Diabetes on the other hand is of two basic types. It has been seen that pyelonephritis is more likely when it comes to those with diabetes or even with other conditions which end up weakening the immune system. With type two diabetes, it’s a daily battle to stay fit. The key is regulating the all important blood sugar level. Good nutrition is something every individual, with or without diabetes, must adopt. Along with this, exercise is of the utmost importance. Another critical factor in such cases is weight loss. This can help with things like more favorable cholesterol levels. A good home remedy for diabetes is olive oil. This oil is great not only for cooking but also for salad dressing. If you have both pyelonephritis and diabetes at the same time, it’s best that you get your doctor’s advice on avoiding complications when dealing with both.