Can drinking orange juice for the control of diabetes cause the same effect as UTI

The first thing you need to know is that there is no such thing that orange juice can control your diabetes. If you have been told to do this by a doctor or another medical professional, please get a second opinion on the matter. Doctors recommend that patients of diabetes control their fruit intake. The reason for this is that fruits are extremely high in natural sugar content and will always have a tendency to raise your blood sugar rather than lower it. This is the reason that patients of diabetes are told not to have more than three fruits per day, and that too, scattered across the duration of the day as well. Orange juice would typically contain about four to six medium to small sized oranges per glass. This is excessive, and must be avoided. Instead, you can have two or three of the oranges instead. This way, you will be taking in not only the fruit but also the goodness of the fiber, which is lost when you drink juice. The second point that needs to be addressed is that there is no way you can develop symptoms identical or similar to those of a urinary tract infection If you are taking orange juice for any purpose. If you have having these symptoms, it is highly likely that you actually have an infection.

Do keep in mind that diabetics also have some amount of trouble with urination. You would need to consult with a doctor and check out the symptoms diabetics face and see if you have those instead of a urinary tract infection. Frequent urination is one of the commonest symptoms of having diabetes. So if you are troubled with that, you know that it is a diabetic symptom, rather than something to do with any other infection. But if you have an infection for sure, as only a medical diagnosis can reveal, then you would need to take some measures to get rid of it. You can begin with washing your genitals with a half teaspoon of baking soda mixed in a huge mug of water. This will help to sanitize your genitals and will also help with not letting the infection spread around any further. Applying fresh and unflavored yogurt is also an excellent way to help fight the infection. Remember if these methods do not show positive results in a week, you would need to take stronger medication to help out.

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