October 23, 2009

Treatment & Remedies for Scalp Psoriasis

Posted in Category : Natural Cures

Psoriasis is a disease of skin characterized by itchy and scaly patches on the afflicted areas of the skin. Psoriasis is caused by a faulty functioning of the immune system. The disease may affect any part of the body, including the scalp.

The human body has a natural process of replacing the dead and worn out cells of the body with the new cells, every 25-30 days. When a person is affected with this grave ailment, the new cells are formed rapidly, that is, in a week’s span. As such, the body is unable to accommodate these fresh cells and sheds the old ones at an increased pace and hence, raised patches of dead cells are formed on the surface of the skin.

Psoriasis is of various kinds, depending on the kind of lesions and regions of affliction. The ailment is caused by seasonal fluctuations, abnormal metabolism, skin infections, and hereditary factors.

You may treat Psoriasis by using various home remedies. Some home remedies to cure psoriasis are as follows:

  • You must cover your head with a cotton cap so as to protect your scalp from environmental agents. You must use a shower cap while you bathe with hot water.
  • If the Psoriasis in the scalp persists, you are recommended to wash your scalp every day with a mild shampoo, using cold or lukewarm water. You must avoid the use of hot water to wash your hair or scalp.
  • You must protect your head from sunburn.
  • You may apply warm olive oil on your scalp, leave it in for thirty minutes and then wash your hair so as to relieve the symptoms of this ailment.
  • Mix a teaspoon each of lime juice and honey in a cup full of bitter gourd juice and consume this mixture on an empty stomach, at least five times a day.
  • You are advised to restrict the consumption of animal fat like milk and non vegetarian foods in your diet.
  • You must not consume alcohol and tobacco.
  • Applying fresh cashew oil also provides relief.
  • You may also apply garlic oil mixed with Aloe Vera extract on the scalp to treat this disease of the scalp.
  • You may also apply avocado oil on the scalp.
  • These are some of the home remedies to cure Psoriasis of the scalp. In case the symptoms of the ailment persist, you must consult a doctor.