September 20, 2011

Early Signs And Problems of Puberty in Girls

Posted in Category : Women's Health

Human beings tend to achieve sexual maturity through their teenage years. For boys, this involves the development of the sex organs as well as the sex drive. For girls, the changes are more intense. The process of menstruation will begin at this stage as the girl’s body prepares to become ready to reproduce. The girl will also experience the growth of her breasts as well as the widening of her hips. Menstruation will begin at this stage of her life. Initially, menstruation will be irregular as the body gets itself into a rhythm. However, this will sort itself out as the girl grows into womanhood.

Parents need to look out for the early signs of puberty in girls so that they can plan what needs to be done in terms of changes occurring in the life of their girl child. In some cases, early signs of puberty in girls may occur before they even hit the age of ten. Initially, there will be small physical changes in the body as the breasts begin to slowly grow. The early signs of puberty in girls will also include the first menstruation. This may happen as early as at the age of 8. However, most girls tend to experience this change by the time they are in their early teens. Many girls experience problems during puberty. These problems may occur due to hormonal imbalances that are typical of this stage in the girl’s life.

Some of the common problems during puberty include the development of pimples as well as the slow and often inconsistent development of sexual characteristics. Girls will also suffer from problems during puberty associated with their menstrual cycles. Menstruation may be irregular and painful at this stage as the body gets used to dealing with the sudden supply of reproductive hormones. There are many stages of puberty in girls. Initially, there will be small changes. As the girl grows, her breasts will become fuller and more rounded. The girl will also develop wider hips that allow her to provide a womb for a baby. Pubic hair will develop around the groin area. Initially, this will be straight but the hair tends to thicken and become curly as the girl reaches the middle or end of puberty.

Growth During Puberty

One of the most obvious changes in the girl’s body is the growth during puberty. Girls tend to hit puberty before boys which is why they will go through their period of sudden height increase at this stage. As the girl’s hormone levels change, her body will respond by growing rapidly. This is why most girls appear to look like women even as early as at the age of 18. Boys, on the other hand, need another couple of years before they begin to look like adults. The growth during puberty is very inconsistent amongst girls. Some girls experience these changes at the early stage of teenage years whereas others may not develop completely until there are into their 20′s. There are also some obvious psychological effects of puberty. Most girls have body image issues at this stage of their lives as other girls may develop faster and in different ways.

Complexes regarding menstruation, height and breast size will cause psychological effects on the girl. However, proper help and support from her close friends and family will allow her to avoid worrying about such issues. The various physical changes for girls in puberty allow them to become capable of reproduction. These changes also give the girl the characteristics that define an adult woman. While this may be the case, most girls will grow into their late 20′s before they contemplate the process of reproduction.