February 25, 2008

Signs and Symptoms of Aging

Posted in Category : Women's Health

Aging concept is a pattern of changes that are deleterious, progressive and universal. Generally, people relate signs and symptoms of aging with decreased health and productivity.

There are many symptoms of aging such as decrease in the energy level. Decreased memory and behavior changes are other symptoms of aging. Changing in skin colors, decreased vision and hearing are very common symptoms of aging. Urinary problems and discontinuous dribbling and changing frequency of urination are other symptoms of aging. Aging symptoms may reveal some sexual dysfunction and abdominal problems. Additionally, changing in sleeping patterns, formation of wrinkles, brown spots pigmentation on skin and loss of skin elasticity are signals that enable you to understand Symptoms of Aging.

Some common Signs and Symptoms of Aging may reveal symptoms of dangerous diseases such as Alzheimer’, Stroke  Heart attack,  Cancer, Osteoporosis,  Diabetes Mellitus, Parkinson, Arthritis , Cataracts, Glaucoma.

There are many stages in human life cycle that may reveal signs and symptoms of aging. These symptoms may not be noticeable at early stages but it will give clear idea about your health.

Healthy life style and caloric restrictions are practical to prevent aging process. Sometimes, healthy and clean life style may help people to look ever young. It has been found that people who have healthy life style look more young and dynamic. They are more energetic and youthful. Sometimes yoga and stress management may help people to decrease the signs and symptoms of Aging.

Sometimes people use painkillers and drugs to reduce symptoms of aging. It may include mental health drugs, antibodies, cardiac drugs and sedatives.

It is true that aging is an unavoidable process and no one can completely avoid aging process. Many people in this world are using tricks and technique to reduce their aging process. However, they may get some success to reduce their aging process.